City of Las Cruces
Location of Project:Las Cruces,NM
Contract Amount: $2,290,038.67

Amador Avenueis a main thoroughfare for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for businesses and residences, in addition to regularly scheduled train crossings. This four lane road was reduced to two lane traffic on many occasions for the paving and utility work being performed. A pedestrian refuge island was built to accommodate those trying to access the Community of Hope and area businesses. Sidewalks, drive pads and drop inlets were removed and replaced as necessary and rebuilt in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act compliance.

This Project scope involved the removal and replacement of over 13,000 SF of sidewalk, drive pads and valley gutters, approximately 2,000 LF of concrete curb and gutter, and over 22,000 SY of asphalt paving.  The rehabilitation of utilities included approximately 4,000 LF of high and low pressure gas lines and services in addition to 3,900 LF of new water line, valves and hydrants, and approximately 1,000 LF of SDR-35 sewer line, with 5 new manholes, and new inlet grates.

AUI worked closely with businesses and residents utilizing the city and our own door hangers to notify anyone that could be directly affected during this project. At times when traffic needed to be diverted away from the project site, the flow was sent through less inhabited residential areas so as to not create a heavy flow of traffic into more highly developed residential areas. The safety of both AUI employees and local residents was key, as traffic control measures were revisited regularly to assure that both vehicles and pedestrians were kept a safe distance from any area of construction in addition to the walking paths that were created for pedestrians while sidewalks were being replaced.