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PROJECT NO. SST-4331(200), CNG2S7541, ECO-4331(1)
City of Deming
Location of Project: Deming, NM
Contract Amount: $ 2,099,198.03

AUI was contracted by the City of Deming for the removal the existing concrete roadway that had originally been placed around the 1930 – 1940 timeframe.  The scope involved replacing this concrete roadway with approximately 33,000SY of SPIII and SPIV. AUI also placed new curb and gutter, poured new driveways and sidewalks and ensured that Spruce Street is now ADA compliant by installing new detectable warning surfaces at appropriate intersections. AUI worked closely with the City of Deming and kept residents and business owners updated to ensure that business access and residential traffic flow was minimally interrupted

One of the challenges that AUI faced on this project dealt with were the City of Deming mandated work zones.  AUI was limited to two block sections on either side of Gold Street which created some difficulty in maintaining a consistent flow of work and efficient utilization of our crews. Another challenge involved the unusual rainfall amounts which interfered with our schedule and production, even so, the positive relationship between AUI and the City of Deming allowed for adjustments to be made in an effort to assure quality of work and materials.  AUI felt that the project was a success on many levels as our relationship with the City of Deming, its residents stayed positive throughout this project. AUI has received many compliments from the residents in regards to having nice sidewalks and smooth roadway surface, the City has also been very complimentary in referencing our Management team and crews.