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Spiral Wound Technology

Our Spiral-Wound method of sanitary sewer pipe replacement is another trenchless method of pipe rehabilitation. This technology is based on the principle of spiral winding a factory manufactured continuous PVC strip to the inside of an existing pipe resulting in a new interior PVC pipe lining. This trenchless method promotes minimal surface disturbance, and if used on sanitary sewer lines, sewer flows DO NOT have to be bypassed.

How Does Spiral Winding Work?

Working with proprietary technology, AUI is able to use mechanically wound PVC to rehabilitate sanitary and storm sewer pipes.  This system of pipe rehabilitation can reduce or eliminate the need for bypass pumping by using inserting and winding the PVC down a pipe then expanding the liner to the size of the pipe being lined.  Curious?  Click here to see how it works.  Want more information?  Contact us!


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