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Town of Taos
Location:  Taos, NM
Contract Price:  $1,634,147.64

The jobsite was located on Camino de la Placita, which is a main thoroughfare bypass for the Plaza area and is a combination arterial/residential collector street. AUI’s contracted scope of work included reconstruction of Camino de la Placita to include new roadway (subgrade prep, base course, pavement fabric, asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, handicapped ramps, drive pads), installation of new water, sewer, and storm sewer lines, manholes, drainage structures, fencing, removal and replacement of CMU walls, signalization, and traffic control.
The biggest challenge AUI faced while constructing this project was impact planning in order to minimize the effect on tourist-based businesses.  The AUI project team worked closely with the Town of Taos project representatives and the owners of businesses affected by the construction activity to schedule roadway, curbside parking, and sidewalk impacts so that business access was maintained for local and tourist traffic.
By being reasonable, cooperative, and working well with the owner’s representatives, AUI met the Town of Taos’s expectations on this project. AUI responded to the project site restrictions and existing site conditions resulting in a project completed within the time expected by the owner.