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New Mexico Department of Transportation
Project Location: Luna County, NM
Contract Amount:  $1,336,431

This project called for the removal and replacement of a 192’ long bridge over the Mimbres River.  The 8-span bridge was a slab bridge approximately 33’ wide.  AUI placed the seven piers and two abutments on driven pile foundations.  Our work also included the grading of the riverbed 400’ on both sides of the bridge.  The footprint of the river was widened to match the newly constructed bridge.  AUI moved approximately 5,300 CY of earthwork in order to accomplish this.  Two hundred cubic yards of rip-rap was placed on the slopes near the bridge.   A total of 489 CY of concrete and 109,000 pounds of epoxy coated rebar were placed on the bridge.

Approximately 1,400 LF of roadway was also removed and replaced as part of this project, and 4,000 CY of borrow had to be imported in order to match the new elevation of the bridge.  Over 1,250 tons of base course and 680 tons of asphalt were placed in the roadway.

The project had a very aggressive schedule mandated by the Owner for construction of the new bridge.  AUI was allowed 90 calendar days for construction of the contract, and AUI completed it on time.