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City of Albuquerque
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Contract Amount: $4,055,827.00

AUI contracted with the City of Albuquerque for the construction of this urban roadway project.  Primarily the original scope of work called for the modification of the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway.  However early on, the City realized a design reconfiguration was necessary to accommodate the Unser Crossing Development retail center.
The change included additional traffic lanes and intersection geometry on Unser Boulevard from Town Road to San Ygnacio and from Bridge Boulevard to Central Avenue.  This redesign and added scope accounted for an increase in contract amount and duration. The unique technical challenges presented by this project were the extensive use of vacuum excavation for exploration of subsurface conditions of proposed waterline path and for successful location and protection of existing utilities and the boring of a 24” by 80’ steel casing across Unser Boulevard at Central. AUI worked diligently to assure pedestrian and vehicular traffic concerns for congested highly developed downtown area were mitigated while coordinating with other projects and residents of surrounding community. AUI met the owner-approved contract completion date.