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MBR Upgrade
Owner: Town of Taos
Engineer: Souder Miller & Associates
Location of Project: Taos, NM
Contract Amount: $5,945,485

This project involved civil mechanical, electrical and structural components to convert and expand the existing City of Taos water reclamation facility to a 2.4 MGD membrane bioreactor facility. Over 20 subcontractors were involved with this project with multiple material suppliers. Scheduling and pre-planning was a must to assure continuity was maintained throughout the project. Although several modifications to scope were made by the Owner and Engineer during project construction, coordination and communication with the Town of Taos and the Engineer remained positive, with the common goal of completing a high quality project safely, and within the agreed upon time and budget changes. AUI’s contracted scope included upgrades to the screening system in addition to cleaning and retrofitting existing oxidation ditches and construction of a new building to house the membrane system. This new building included a blower room, electrical room, lab, and ADA compliant restrooms.  AUI provided the cast in place concrete for the flooring in addition to a precast slab. Also included was the installation of solar panels to the roof of the facility and a 5-ton electric crane and hoist system. Other work involved grading and paving, installation and tie-ins of various waterlines, drainage lines, non-potable water lines, process lines, valves and hydrants. Additional work incorporated the installation of recycle flow pumps, self priming centrifugal pumps, harmonic filter system, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System,  a standby diesel electric generator with automatic transfer switch, and turbo blowers with Modbus TCP to Ethernet/ IP gateway.  AUI was very proud of the relationship building that occurred from what was a challenging project for all of the stakeholders involved.