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Owner: Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer: Brown & Caldwell
Location of Project: Fort Bliss, Texas
Contract Amount: $7,171,179

AUI was asked to perform this scope of work under an accelerated schedule which was accomplished utilizing a 7 day work week with a consistently scheduled transition of crews and equipment. This allowed for maintaining effective daily production and adherence to the schedule despite unforeseen changes in conditions. AUI’s contracted scope of work included the installation of approximately 17,940LF of C-900 PVC water line of various sizes ranging from 4” to 24”, including meters and valve vaults. Also involved in this project was the installation of approximately 9,225LF of SDR-35 PVC sanitary sewer pipe of various sizes ranging from 6″ to 12” and installation of approximately twenty-nine 48″ precast manholes including all necessary appurtenances and coatings. Additional work included removal and disposal of approximately 5,400LF of asbestos contaminated pipe ranging from 4“ to 12”. AUI was also involved in the demolition, removal and replacement of the existing ground and elevated water storage tanks. This work included, but was not limited to SCADA, yard piping, special coatings and cathodic protection.

AUI’s on-going presence at Fort Bliss has enabled us to become familiar with the base required processes and procedures for participation in construction activities on a military installation from safety regulations, permits and badging, to protocols that are to be followed with the Director of Information Managements (DUIM) and other base entities possibly affected by our scope of work.