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City of Las Cruces (Owner)
Location of Project: Las Cruces, NM
Contract Amount: $1,315,449.38

The intent of the University Lift station Project was to renovate the existing Lift Station from its current wet/dry process and convert it into a larger wet well with submersible pumps. This new lift station consisted of three sewer lift pumps, a triplex wet well, valve vault, force-main and collection piping, flow-meter, and a bio-filter odor control system.  In addition the installation of a new control building with transfer switch and required electrical components to assure proper operation of the facility was completed. A rock wall, and security fence were also included.

The contracted scope of work also involved the installation of a free-standing overhead bridge crane and electric chain hoist system and standby generator. AUI was also required to provide sewer by-pass pumping and maintenance in addition to site dewatering. Although this was a City of Las Cruces project, the easement and the construction easement were on NMSU property.  Maintaining good communication with the City of Las Cruces, NMSU and Engineer Bohannan Huston was essential throughout this project. The easement issues gave AUI a very limited amount of room to work within. The entire site had to be lowered approximately ten feet in order to work around the slide rail system that was necessary for the excavation of the lift station. AUI effectively orchestrated the work of various subcontractors to complete the electrical, building construction and rock wall as the size of the site made having various subcontractors on-site at the same time difficult both in the working and safety of employees. AUI had no recordable or lost time accidents on this project and was very focused on the training and use of proper shoring, fall protection and scaffolding. Other requirements of this project included installing yard piping, pouring of the valve vault, all miscellaneous concrete, and setting into place a deck that was pre-casted by AUI.  Minor gas work as well as setting in a new generator was also involved.  AUI once again constructed a quality project to the satisfaction of the Owner, further developing our already positive relationship with the City of Las Cruces.