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Owner: The University of New Mexico
Engineer: WHPacific, Inc.
Location of Project: Albuquerque, NM
Final Contract Amount: $1,162,520.55

The scope of work for this project included installation of 3,370 LF of 10” water line through the most central and heavily utilized sections of the University of New Mexico (UNM) main campus. The path of the water line crossed existing pedestrian walkways, mature landscaping and existing irrigation lines. This project was scheduled for construction during the summer break months to allow enough time for completion of the project while the student and faculty population would be at a minimum. Offering a large selection of classes during the summer break and many students take advantage of the fast-track summer semester classes to gain additional credit hours; presented some challenges during the construction of this project.

This project also included a portion of the water line installed within the utility tunnel. Installation within the tunnel required AUI crews to work in severely constricted space, with limited access, and in close proximity to live utility lines within the tunnel. AUI crews completed this portion of the project successfully.

This project serves as a clear demonstration of AUI’s ability to remove and replace waterline on a University campus setting, within constricted spaces, to manage utility replacements and new installations within complex existing utility systems, and to care for existing utilities during all phases of construction. AUI completed this project well within the contract amount and calendar days allotted by the Owner.