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Rehabilitation and protective coatings provide a cost effective alternative to structure replacement, and can save time too.

Manhole Rehabilitation is a system consisting of the application of fiber-reinforced, spray-applied cementitious mortars that fill all voids and achieve a mechanical and chemical bond to the existing substrate. The result, when spray-applied to a minimum 1/2-inch thickness, is an impervious monolithic liner with compressive and flexural strengths exceeding that of the original structure, stopping infiltration, restoring structural integrity, and adding corrosion protection in mild sulfide environments.

AUI uses Strong-Seal® Systems as our method for Manhole Rehabilitation which offers a complete family of cost-effective engineered products, specifically designed to rehabilitate municipal concrete and masonry structures and effectively stop inflow, infiltration and exfiltration. The Strong-Seal® System is a patented process (Patent Number B1 5,002,438).