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June 19, 2014–

AUI's 2014-2015 Zia Partnership Certificate

AUI’s 2014-2015 Zia Partnership Certificate

New Mexico OSHA and the National Utility Contractors Association of New Mexico (NUCA of NM) have awarded AUI the Zia Partnership, Platinum Level for the 6th year in a row.

The purpose of the Zia Partnership is to foster, maintain, and improve the safety and health conditions and requirements for new Mexico’s construction workers and workplaces.

The Zia Partnership’s primary goals are:

  • To provide leadership in creating a culture of full respect for the lives and sound health of New Mexico’s construction workforce
  • To continually seek better methods and technologies for reducing injuries, occupational illness, disease and fatalities in new Mexico’s workplaces
  • To foster and encourage the implementation and maintenance of best practice safety and training programs
  • To foster and encourage the implementation and maintenance of effective safety program incentive and enforcement policies
  • To focus primarily on the common job site hazards related to falls, electrocution, and accidental impact injuries
  • To mitigate the negative economic impacts of workplace injuries, illnesses and occupational disease, including especially the cost of worker’s compensation insurance, in so far as is possible