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The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico (CCFNM( provides day-to-day needs to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens of childhood cancer.  To further serve the children and families affected by pediatric cancer, the CCFNM built Erin’s Place.  Erin’s Place is a local home away from home for children suffering from pediatric cancer and receiving treatment at the pediatric oncology centers in Albuquerque — the only city in the state offering this level of care. The home provides a temporary home for children and their families as well as end of life care when specialized pediatric hospice care might not be available in their hometowns. Taking to heart our mission statement of

Providing safe, quality construction services and rewarding employment to enhance the communities we serve,”

AUI provided the services and materials to this non-profit organization at cost. We worked closely with the prime contractor to keep costs down in order to pass the savings along to the client and thereby helping the children of New Mexico and their families.  This project won the 2018 AGC New Mexico Grand Prize of Show Award.

For more information on the CCFNM and Erin’s Place, please visit www.ccfnm.org.