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Thank you Asphalt Pavement Association of New Mexico for awarding this project the 2018 Best of New Mexico City Street Construction award to this project.

The intersection of US 70, N. Solano drive and Spitz Avenue in Las Cruces had long been a challenge for the drivers of the City of Las Cruces.  With the city expanding to the east, US 70 funneled drivers in from the east mesa area of town and onto Main Street.  N. Solano drive functions as a main thoroughfare from University on the south side of town up to meet US 70 on the northeast side of town and Spitz Avenue connected an ever-growing residential area to Main Street, N. Solano and US 70.  The convergence of these three main roads had caused congestion and frustration at this intersection for several years until it was redesigned and updated to accommodate the current (and future) traffic flows in the area.