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Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility
Project Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Contract Amount: $1,137,157.00

AUI was invited to bid to slip-line aging and failing concrete sewer mains going into the privately held Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility (CVWR). This constituted AUI’s largest slip-line pipe size to date. The project consisted of slip-lining the existing 84” i.d. RCP with 78” i.d Hobas & 54” i.d. RCP and 48” i.d. pipe.  AUI was able to accomplish this task by first utilizing Southwest Sewer Services to clean and CCTV the lines. Once this was accomplished AUI was successful in slip-lining 1,270 lf of 78” and 864 lf of 48” pipe. Due to the quality and safe of the work performed, the project was completed on time and on budget. CVWR was so impressed, as this was their first time utilizing trenchless technologies, that they are already planning future projects on other areas of their lines utilizing the slip-line method.